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Mouse ES Cell Culture Media NeuromicsM161011336.80€
ExoFACS? Kit for Cell Culture Media Exosomes BiovisionK1236-20973.20€
Exosome Isolation kit (for cell culture media) 101BioP100
Exosome Isolation kit (for cell culture media) 101BioP100L
Exosome Isolation kit (for cell culture media) 101BioP100S
Reagent for Total Exosome Isolation (Culture Media Supplement) Creative BiolabsEIR-022485.20€
Exosome Isolation kit (for stem cell culture media) 101BioP107
Exosome Isolation kit (for stem cell culture media) 101BioP107S
VEX Exosome Isolation Reagent (from cell culture media) VazymeR601706.80€
Total Exosome RNA Extraction Kit (Biological Fluids/Culture Media Supplement) Creative BiolabsEIRK-033380.40€
ExoQuick-TC PLUS Exosome Purification Kit - for tissue culture media SBIEQPL10TC-1694.80€
ExoQuick-TC ULTRA EV Isolation Kit for Tissue Culture Media SBIEQULTRA-20TC-1694.80€
Exo-Flow 2.0 CD63 Analysis Kit (for Tissue Culture Media) SBIEXOFLOW2-200A-TC705.60€
Exo-Flow 2.0 CD9 Analysis Kit (for Tissue Culture Media) SBIEXOFLOW2-205A-TC705.60€
Exo-Flow 2.0 CD81 Analysis Kit (for Tissue Culture Media) SBIEXOFLOW2-210A-TC705.60€
ExoQuick Exosome Isolation and RNA Purification kit (for Tissue Culture Media) SBIEQ806TC-1664.80€
Exo-Flow 2.0 Tetraspanin Combo Kit (CD63, CD9 & CD81) - for Tissue Culture Media SBIEXOFLOW2-250A-TC1854.00€
Mounting Media Fitzgerald99-MED253.20€
Grace's Media GenDepotCM021-050102.00€
Grace's Media GenDepotCM021-300198.00€
Grace's Media GenDepotCM021-310262.80€
Grace's Media GenDepotCM021-320408.00€
Grace's Media GenDepotCM021-350702.00€
Grace's Media GenDepotCMP21-001190.80€
Grace's Media GenDepotCMP21-010175.20€
Grace's Media GenDepotCMP21-050403.20€
Exo-Flow 2.0 Basic Kit without antibody (Streptavidin beads + reagents) - for Tissue Culture Media SBIEXOFLOW2-BASICA-TC1201.20€
Greiner culture flasks tissue culture treated Scientific Laboratory SuppliesC6231-200EA189.24€
FluorLast? Mounting Media Biovision1213-20170.40€
FBS Liquid Media Fitzgerald88-NB05196.80€
FBS Liquid Media Fitzgerald88-NB06781.20€
NSC maintenance Media Applied StemCellASE-9234SM157.20€
Neuron Induction Media Applied StemCellASE-9321NI157.20€
Neuron Maturation Media Applied StemCellASE-9321NM157.20€
Astro Induction Media Applied StemCellASE-9322AI157.20€
Astro Maturation Media Applied StemCellASE-9322AM157.20€
DOPA Induction Media Applied StemCellASE-9323DI176.64€
DOPA Maturation Media Applied StemCellASE-9323DM186.36€
Ceraplex Media 199 GenDepotCCM37-0500.00€
Endothelial Cryopreserve Media NeuromicsFM300308.40€
ENDO-Growth Media NeuromicsMED001434.40€
ENDO Basal Media NeuromicsMED002248.40€
Human Chondrocytes Media NeuromicsPC00B3434.40€
Pericyte-Growth Media NeuromicsPGB001356.40€
Pericyte Basal Media NeuromicsPGB002325.20€
Astrocyte-Growth Media NeuromicsPGB003356.40€
Astrocyte Basal Media NeuromicsPGB004325.20€
YP BASE MEDIA AlphabiosciencesY25-110-10kg1078.80€
YP BASE MEDIA AlphabiosciencesY25-110-2kg282.00€
YP BASE MEDIA AlphabiosciencesY25-110-500g120.00€
Cell Culture Grade Water, Cell Culture Tested, Sterile Bio BasicCCM1081-50073.49€Cell Culture Grade Water, Cell Culture Tested, Sterile is marked as RUO. Do not use on humans.
Cell Culture Grade Water, Cell Culture Tested, Sterile Bio BasicCCM2081-100082.64€Cell Culture Grade Water, Cell Culture Tested, Sterile is marked as RUO. Do not use on humans.
ExoStep Cell Culture ImmunoStepExoS-25-C9660.60€
ExoStepTM Culture + Standard ImmunoStepExoS-25-CST9871.20€
culture flask 250ml Scientific Laboratory SuppliesFLA4286251.21€
culture flask 500ml Scientific Laboratory SuppliesFLA4288123.67€
culture flask 1000ml Scientific Laboratory SuppliesFLA429060.93€
culture flask 2000ml Scientific Laboratory SuppliesFLA429240.58€
Media 199 All-in-One Complete Media(10X), Singel quote GenDepotCAM37-005295.20€
MC-Easy Media Bonus Pack (includes Growth and Induction Media) SBIMN950A-1330.00€
Media Optimization Kit™ AthenaES100146.40€
Dream Media Optimization Kit AthenaES184194.40€
Cell Freezing Media I GenDepotCA301-005246.00€
Cell Freezing Media II GenDepotCA302-005273.60€
Cell Freezing Media III GenDepotCA303-005290.40€
Leibovitz'a L-15 Media GenDepotCM030-050100.80€
Leibovitz'a L-15 Media GenDepotCM030-300202.80€
Leibovitz'a L-15 Media GenDepotCM030-310243.60€
Leibovitz'a L-15 Media GenDepotCM030-320459.60€
Leibovitz'a L-15 Media GenDepotCM030-350828.00€
Leibovitz'a L-15 Media GenDepotCM031-050100.80€
Leibovitz'a L-15 Media GenDepotCM031-300202.80€
Leibovitz'a L-15 Media GenDepotCM031-310243.60€
Leibovitz'a L-15 Media GenDepotCM031-320459.60€
Leibovitz'a L-15 Media GenDepotCM031-350828.00€
McCoy's 5A Media (Modified) GenDepotCM032-050105.60€
McCoy's 5A Media (Modified) GenDepotCM032-300198.00€
McCoy's 5A Media (Modified) GenDepotCM032-310262.80€
McCoy's 5A Media (Modified) GenDepotCM032-320408.00€
McCoy's 5A Media (Modified) GenDepotCM032-350702.00€
McCoy's 5A Media (Modified) GenDepotCM033-050102.00€
McCoy's 5A Media (Modified) GenDepotCM033-300198.00€
McCoy's 5A Media (Modified) GenDepotCM033-310262.80€
McCoy's 5A Media (Modified) GenDepotCM033-320408.00€
McCoy's 5A Media (Modified) GenDepotCM033-350702.00€
ENDO-Growth Media Kit NeuromicsEGK001434.40€
Buffered Glycerol Mounting Media ScyTek LaboratoriesGMM00373.20€
Buffered Glycerol Mounting Media ScyTek LaboratoriesGMM03086.40€
Buffered Glycerol Mounting Media ScyTek LaboratoriesGMM500219.60€
Buffered Glycerol Mounting Media ScyTek LaboratoriesGMM999312.00€
CytoPort, Cytology Transport Media ScyTek LaboratoriesCTM50085.20€
CytoPort, Cytology Transport Media ScyTek LaboratoriesCTM999104.40€
Human BBB Model Media NeuromicsNMBBB01522.00€
Permanent Mounting Media (Aqueous) ScyTek LaboratoriesPMT030130.80€
Permanent Mounting Media (Aqueous) ScyTek LaboratoriesPMT999910.80€
Autoclave Classic Media 9L Scientific Laboratory SuppliesAUT45151413.60€
Autoclave Classic Media 12L Scientific Laboratory SuppliesAUT45171698.60€
Printer for Media Autoclaves Scientific Laboratory SuppliesAUT4519388.74€